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It’s not just the name on the label and the quality of the leather that makes a VANSON what it is, it’s also the effort, skill and energy put into it by the people who make it.They are dedicated and skilled professionals carrying out old world craftsmanship by hand.25 years of experience makes Vanson to America’s largest producer of high-quality motorcycle, roadrace and street wear.Be sure that Vanson craftspeople will bring you a product that is truly hand-made, properly cared for ,they will last for generations.Your children will thank you .

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What can we say about the most recognized and imitated jacket in the world? It alone is responsible for the greatest fashion shift in outerwear in a century. Imitations and poseur styles have sprung up from everywhere but this is the original and this is where it all began. The story is simple: Vanson made this style as a road racing suit in the 1970’s and it was in our museum. Some one asked if we could make a “street” version and we did. The rest is history. You can own a piece of history with the Vanson Star Jacket.

Features:Double leather at the shoulders and elbow/forearms-full wind flap-zip down sleeves-rear exit vents-racing license pocket-rayon lining-solid brass hardware

Model STAR

V-Star.de is specialised in Custom Made Vanson leather jackets.We are located in Europe-Germany and exclusively design and distrubute a special line of handmade Motorsport Gear.Our jackets are either unique or strictly limited Editions- combined with the highest quality standart it will guarantee you an exclusivity all around the world.Our Jackets are only availabel through the www.

Peter Fonda Easy Rider Captain America Jacket


This official jacket is based on the one worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in TERMINATOR 3: RISEOF THE MACHINES. While it has been modified for every day wear, it maintains the same futuristic style and look as the jacket seen in the movie. Made of the highest quality leather

The Vanson Hailwood Jackets

Hand made by Vanson from U.S. Competition Weight Leather
 There are two styles available, the '60's era - MH-01   and Mike's '78 comeback - MH-02  Only 500 numbered jackets of each design
 Authentic "period" embroidered patches
 Each jacket made to order with your name embroidered in the lining
 Correct details such as rayon lining
 Limited edition racing print of Mike included with each jacket
 Letter of authenticity included

We offer every item out of the VANSON collection

Each Jacket will come with a serial number - delivery time for custom made jackets after confirmed order is 2 months  please ask for further Details by Email.

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